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Last updated on 18 Mar 2018

A few months ago, I was writing a Go module for using librosie when I ran into a problem that appeared to be related to Go/cgo stack allocation. That turned out to be a red herring (no offense to herrings of any color), and we now have a working Go library for Rosie!

The Go client for librosie

With the Go stack issue resolved, we now have a working Go module for Rosie! It’s pretty simple right now, exposing most of Rosie’s functionality but lacking in convenience functions.

The librosie Go library may be found on Gitlab along with a test program that uses it. Additional functions for convenient use of rosie.go are planned, as indicated by the comments in the file, but we need volunteers who are regular users of Go.

Currently some Rosie features are not yet supported, like the ability to map pattern names to colors for easy-to-read output for humans. This is another area where we need contributors.

If you are a Go programmer and want to contribute to rosie.go, to make it more usable or more Go-like, we welcome your input (especially pull requests)!

We welcome feedback and contributions. Please open issues (or merge requests) on GitLab, or get in touch by email.

Edit August 15, 2023: You can find my contact information, including Mastodon and LinkedIn coordinates, on my personal blog. The mailing list has fallen out of use since we mostly use Slack, but perhaps it will be revived.